With its bold design from ODA Architecture, The Westly is a classic reimagined to empower modern denizens to elevate their expectations, gaze beyond what’s expected, and ultimately, reach for more.

The Westly Facade
The Westly sketch Eran Chen
Eran Chen

" It grows as it ascends; by nature this allows people to enjoy the upper floors where the open views are, greater common spaces, and an outdoor pool on the roof — something almost inconceivable in other buildings on the Upper West Side."

— Eran Chen

Founding Principal of ODA Architecture

front of building New York


The Westly pays homage through its materials to the timeless DNA of the Upper West Side while elevating livability with its progressive design. Exterior details pull from the surrounding neighborhood, from subtle art deco expressions of the window mullions to beautifully cut stone angling around the uniquely formed axis.

large chandelier


Solid masonry bones ground its foundation, giving the building a deep limestone facade that allows large-scale windows to project out for more generous views. The result is an instant classic that represents a clear evolution within its context; a love letter to the Upper West Side’s past and future


Punctuating the textured richness of the Upper West Side’s ubiquitous brownstones, the smooth brightness of limestone stands out with an inimitable quality. As the sun reaches The Westly's extraordinary facade this iconic NYC material dances with light, reflecting an ever evolving perception of its silhouette.

The Westly front